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From Black to Boho | A Colour Journey vol. 2

From Black to Boho | A Colour Journey vol. 2

Well here we are - the first official processing stage of transitioning my hair from black to a lived in blonde! As mentioned in the first post, we want to maintain the integrity of my hair as much as possible through this process. A few things to note:

- We are using Olaplex through each stage of the journey, including take home treatments in between

- We are leaving 1-2 weeks between processes to allow my hair to recover 

- Everyone's journey will be different & will likely require a slightly different approach


I've been using classic Head & Shoulders every shampoo to lift the colour when we kicked off the journey. This lifted it from a pure black (or level 1) to a black with brown tones. The next step: gently lift a few more shades with what we call a 'Bleach Bath'.

A bleach bath can be used to lift colour or freshen/brighten blondes. It's gentler and more monitored than foils, but can have uneven results. 

Emily mixed Kevin Murphy Color.Me 20 vol. developer with ammonia-free lightener  at a 4:1 ratio (typically it's a 2:1 ratio) and some Olaplex No. 1. The service was performed at the basin to make sure the lightener can be washed off quickly to minimize any unnecessary damage. She worked through my hair one section at a time, applying the lightener and monitoring it until the colour bumped a shade or 2. The lightener is then rinsed and she moved on to the next section. 

We followed the treatment with the Olaplex No. 2 treatment to rebuild any broken bonds so it's strong for the next phase of processing. 

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The bleach bath actually lifted more colour than we expected! We went from a 1-2 to almost a 4! My hair wasn't damaged or dry and it was a great way to get us through the first stage of lightening without over processing. 

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Colour corrections are never the same and each step has to be carefully executed to protect the integrity of the client's hair. We have turned away multiple clients because we felt their expectations were unrealistic given their budget and/or timeline. It's not about dramatic results, it's about healthy hair that looks amazing. It's a gradual process that requires patience and a few awkward hair colours in between (lol). 


Bleach Bath - $70
Olaplex Treatment Add On - $30
Olaplex No. 3 Take Home - $36



Next up: Foils! The next stage of the journey is to use foils to lift the majority of my hair more strategically. Stay tuned - it's probably going to get messy!

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See you next week!

xo Janelle

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