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The Ultimate Guide to Clip-in Hair Extensions: How to Choose the Right Length and Color

The Ultimate Guide to Clip-in Hair Extensions: How to Choose the Right Length and Color

Have you been wanting to try clip-in hair extensions but overwhelmed when it comes to deciding what length or color to choose? You came to the right place! We are here to cover everything you need to know when purchasing clip-ins.

Why choose clip-ins? 

Clip-ins are a commitment-free semi-permanent method perfect for anyone who is wanting to add extra length or density to their hair for special occasions or nights out on the town! Just like wearing eyelash extensions, once you have enough practice you will be able to install and style with ease! Our QALI Clip-ins take it one step further to ensure a simple and quick install by only having 3 pieces per set. 

What color should I choose?

When choosing your clip-in color, make sure you are happy with your current hair color! You wouldn’t want to purchase a color that matches your current hair color and then a week later you decide to switch it up and now your clip-in investment no longer matches your hair. A reminder that any type of QALI Hair Extensions cannot be bleached or lightened. The second step is to match your clip-ins to the ends of your hair. The best way to ensure that the clip-ins are a perfect match is to go in person! If you are unable to view the clip-in extensions in person at QALI you are more than welcome to send an email our way with pictures of your hair in natural lighting and we can help you determine what color matches best. 

If you choose to purchase QALI Clip-ins online we want to ensure that you LOVE your extensions so if the color doesn’t match, we will swap them out for a set that does!

What length should I choose?

QALI Clip-in extensions come in 2 lengths, 16” and 20”! For the best blend if your hair is around your collarbone or shoulder length 16” would be best, if your hair is longer and around the chest area 20” could be the most suitable length for you.

We always recommend getting your clip-in extensions trimmed by a professional to ensure the perfect blend!

In need of clip-ins? Stop by the QALI salon located in Vancouver, BC to purchase your set of QALI Clip-ins or shop online!

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