Clip In Extensions FAQ


How do I pick the right colour?
If you're unsure which colour to select please contact us at with a recent photo of your hair in natural light, with no filter and our team will be able to recommend a colour match for you. If you live in Vancouver we can also arrange a colour matching consultation. 
My extensions arrived and they don’t match my hair – what can I do?
If the extensions you’ve ordered do not match your hair, please make sure that they stay bound at the top by the ties, and follow the instructions on the return/exchange form included with your order. Please note that in order to return your extensions for a different colour, they need to be in unused, original condition.
How long does my hair have to be?
For a truly seamless blend we recommend that your hair be at least shoulder length. Your hair needs to be long enough for the clips to grip into securely, and to cover the clips so they cannot be seen. We recommend that regardless of the length of your hair that you see an experienced hairdresser to blend the extensions with your natural hair. We offer this service for $65 at QALI.
What if I have very fine hair?
Extensions are a great tool to create volume in very fine hair! Ladies with finer hair may find that they don’t need to wear all three pieces of our clip ins to achieve the look that they’re after. Many girls find that they can get away with either one or two pieces of their set for a more natural look. Try clipping in one short weft a few centimetres above the nape of your neck, and then a long weft just above that. If that still looks like too much hair in comparison to your natural thickness, you could even just use a single long weft for some added volume on a day-to-day basis.
You may need to lightly back comb the sections of hair that you are clipping the extensions in to in order to get a firm grip. Try gently back-combing your roots where you are going to apply the clips. You could also consider adding a product like dry shampoo, hairspray or Puff Me to add even more grip to your hair.
Another important point is that having your extensions “blended” or trimmed by a hairstylist who has experience working with hair extensions can make a huge difference to the way they blend with your hair! If you are mainly looking for volume, not length, you might even consider having your extensions trimmed to a similar length to your natural hair, for volume that is quick and easy to clip in for daily wear.
The feeling of wearing extensions can take a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve got the hang of it we know you’ll love the volume you’re able to achieve!
Can I colour my extensions?
Our extensions are premium quality human hair, and while we do not recommend that you lighten your extensions in any way, a hairstylist who has worked with human hair extensions before will be able to tone them or colour them darker for you. We recommend a strand test prior to colouring the whole set.
How often should I wash them?
Since your clip in extensions don’t receive as much natural oil from your scalp as your own hair does, they do not need to be washed as often! We recommend washing your extensions when you notice product build up in them or every 5 uses. 
What products should I use on the extensions?
For best results we always recommend using professional hair care products that are sulphate, keratin and protein free. All the products we carry at QALI are extension safe. 
Do I need to wash them when I receive them?
Nope! Your clip ins are ready to wear straight out of the bag when they arrive. 
How should I store them?
After you take your extensions out, make sure that they are detangled and then either lay them out flat to store or pop them back inside the reusable bag for easy storage.
How long will they last?
It totally depends on how often you wear them, but with regular use and proper care they should last you a year or much longer.
Will they damage my hair?
With proper application and use of your clip in extensions, you will experience no damage to your natural hair. Because they are clipped in using silicone-lined clips and then taken out at the end of the day, the amount of pulling and stress on your hair is minimal. That said, we do encourage you to always be gentle with your natural hair while putting in and taking out your extensions, and ensure that you don’t pull on them during the day. Backcombing your hair before clipping in your extensions will also reduce the risk of damage - check out our tutorial video on how to do this!
Can I sleep/swim with my extensions in?
We recommend that you remove your extensions before sleeping, swimming or working out. These can all cause tangling, matting, and damage to your natural hair.
Will anyone be able to tell that I’m wearing extensions?

No one should be able to tell. Choosing the right colour, as well as having the extensions trimmed/blended, and how you apply them can all impact on how natural they look.

Are they comfortable to wear?

Sometimes it can take a little while to get used to the feeling of having extensions in! That said, wearing clip in extensions should never be uncomfortable or painful. We bet after your first time wearing them you won’t even notice that they’re there :)

I have very thick hair. Will I need more than one pack of clip ins?

Most of our thick-haired girls still find that one pack of our clip ins is more than enough hair! Each set of clip ins has 150 grams of hair over three pieces.

Wearing & Styling

Just remember that if this is your first time wearing clip in extensions, the feeling can take a little getting used to! While it is a bit of a weird feeling for the first couple of tries, the clip ins should never be painful or pulling on your natural hair. If they are, re-clip the extensions until they feel comfortable.

1. Section your hair where you’d like to attach the clip ins. Since our clip in extensions come in a three piece set, we recommend one small section a few centimetres above the hairline at the nape of the neck, and then two larger sections above that which stretch further around the sides of the head. You want to ensure that the extensions aren’t clipped too far up towards the top of your head, where they might be more visible. As a general rule of thumb, your top clip should be no higher than the top of your ear or just above.

If you’d like a super secure grip, gently backcomb the root area where you’ll be attaching the clips. You might also find that dry shampoo or light hairspray can add extra grip to the sections when applied to the area where you’ll be attaching the clips.

2. Pop open the clips, and working from the centre clip outwards, place the clips into the back combed section, and snap securely shut. Making sure that you angle the clip so that you are clipping enough hair to hold the extension securely without pulling.

3. Continue until all desired sections have been attached, and check that the clips feel secure, and that they’re not pinching or pulling. If they are, re-clip until they feel secure and comfortable.

4. Style your natural hair and extensions as required. Brushing gently and then curling/straightening your natural hair along with the extensions will help to create a seamless style.

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