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Extensions have had a bad reputation - a reputation they don't deserve. We often think of hair extensions and picture mini dresses and nightclubs, or 2005 Britney [sorry Brit, we love you!] with the bad, piece-y extensions. What if extensions were natural looking and subtle? Maybe extensions are for giving you confidence for a job interview or a date - not just bottle service in Miami.
QALI extensions are for helping you feel your best. Whether you are grabbing a coffee with your girlfriend or perfecting your look for your wedding, we have extensions for any occasion where you want to show up as the best version of yourself.

Our Extensions

QALI is a hair extensions company with a flagship full service hair salon in Vancouver, Canada. We specialize in ethically sourced, semi-permanent and clip in hair extensions. Our approach is simple:

One semi permanent extension method. No gluing. No braiding.
Natural looking results.

Straight forward pricing.
Great vibes only.

Integrity is something we take seriously at QALI. We only work with cruelty-free brands and get fired up about sustainability. We could talk your ear off about eco friendly packaging, compostable towels and our favourite locally owned businesses!

We love our city and passionately support our local community. We continuously look for ways to support incredible organizations like the Aboriginal Mother Centre Society in Vancouver.  

Our doors have been open in Chinatown, Downtown Vancouver since August 2019. Follow our social media channels or sign up to our newsletter for events and special offers! We hope you'll pop into the studio next time you're in Vancouver.

Founder | Janelle Bell

Hi I'm Janelle, and no, my hair isn't naturally this long. I've been a proud hair extensions wearer for almost 2 decades. Like many women, I've always had a desire for fuller, flowing, lucious hair, but sadly my genetics had another plan. The pursuit of perfect hair led me down an unexpected path of entrepreneurship and it's through this journey that I found my true passion: helping women find their confidence.

While working in the film industry in New Zealand in 2016, I serendipitously stumbled across a hair extension studio that I absolutely fell in love with. Though I'd had an ongoing love affair with hair extensions since my late-teens, I had never found a method that was healthy for my hair or which I could afford to maintain. This studio, Loxy’s, provided an application method that was quick, comfortable, affordable to maintain and devoid of gluing or braiding. I was hooked and knew I had to bring it back home to Vancouver to share with my fellow hair extension aficionados!
Janelle Bell founder of QALI Hair ExtensionsI worked closely with Kate, the owner of Loxy’s, to learn and perfect the application method. She was an invaluable mentor in the process of bringing QALI to life and it has been such a rewarding journey.
Since then, we have launched our own line of premium hair extensions and are training stylists and salons in the QALI method across North America. I am so grateful for each and every client we have had the pleasure of working with. My dream is to help as many women as possible, because when we feel good about ourselves, we can take on anything!


So what does "QALI" mean? QALI is short for Qalipu M’ikmaq, the name of the First Nation band I am a proud member of. Drawing inspiration from my heritage seemed like the perfect way to choose an original name for the brand. Long, flowing, beachy waves is the first thing you think of when you imagine 'Cali-girl' hair, so the name is a respectful nod to my background and phonetically encompasses our brand identity.

Creating QALI has been a dream come true. I hope our products make you feel like the best version of yourself because that's what you deserve. Every. Single. Day.

xo Janelle