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Our Favourite Top 6 Hairstyles You Can Achieve with Clip-in Hair Extensions

Our Favourite Top 6 Hairstyles You Can Achieve with Clip-in Hair Extensions

Whether you are on instagram, pinterest or tik tok we are surrounded by amazing hairstyles everyday! The secret that most people don’t tell you is that most of these individuals with incredible blowouts and thick ponytails have extensions. 

This means you too, can create that incredible voluminous hairstyle as well!

Here’s our Top 6 Favourite Hairstyles to create this spring with QALI Clip-in Extensions.

The Thick Voluminous Ponytail:

Don’t have the density you want to create that thick chic ponytail? QALI Clip-ins have you covered!

black & white photo of sophia ritchie on her wedding day styled with a high voluminous ponytail

The Bouncy Blowout:

We’ve all wanted that bouncy blowout, but sometimes we just don’t have enough to give it that full effect! Add clip-ins to create that wanted density for a night out or special event.

blonde women walking the streets on france with a curly bouncy blowout styled hair

The Effortless Beach Waves:

The longer the better right? Add the length you are wanting to accentuate those effortless beach waves.

2 blonde girls standing beside each other, girl on the right has wavy hair, girl on the left has her hair curled

The Chic Braid:

A hairstyle so simple but so chic that will be a trend this spring & summer! Elevate your braid with clip-ins to give you that extra oomph.

blonde girl with her hair french braided

The Low Bun:

Do you have upcoming events or weddings and always wanted that updo? Let QALI Clip-ins complete the look and help hold your style all evening long!

blonde women with her hair in a low messy bun

Every Day Curls:

We don’t need a special occasion or night out to have fabulous hair! Install your QALI Clip-ins and pop in some quick curls to give you that extra boost of confidence in your everyday look.

brunette women with curly wavy hair wearing her hair in a half-up with a claw clip

Whether you are located in New York, Seattle, Edmonton or Kelowna you can shop our 10 beautiful extension shades online or pop into QALI Hair Extension Studio located in Vancouver BC, to shop our clip-ins in person!

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