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How to Dye Your Hair Blonde for Summer

How to Dye Your Hair Blonde for Summer

Ok, yes - we're still in spring, but if you want beachy blonde hair for summer, the work starts like, last week. Your stylist should always prioritize your hair's health, so the lightening process should be gradual to preserve your hair's integrity. For a big change, expect multiple sessions (we can't all be like Kim K at the Met) and just know that we sometimes have to go through multiple shades to get your version of 'the perfect blonde'.

Brown to blonde hair transformation

What to Expect

Your stylist will want to know where your hair currently is and where you want to go. Gathering inspo photos is always the first step to communicating your hair goals to your stylist. 

1. Find a stylist you love (you can check ours out here

2. Take photos of your hair in natural light and send those over to your sylist, along with the inspo pics.

3. Scroll Pinterest to find pictures of hair colours that you love. We've created boards on our Pinterest profile - a great place to start!

3. Book a colour consultation to get a better idea of which service you should book, as well as some estimated costs.

4. Hydrate and strengthen your hair before your blonding journey begins. We recommend doing an in-salon Olaplex treatment and using a deep conditioning treatment weekly. We love Evo's The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask

You can also get blonder looking hair with less damage by using extensions! Your stylist can focus on primarily lightening your ends and the extensions can do all the transformational heavy lifting. It's a great hack to get dramatic changes with less damage. 

Woman with long blonde hair 

How Much Does Going Blonde Cost?

We hate to say it, but the cost of going blonde varies so much that we can't really give a 'one size fits all' answer. The easiest way to estimate the cost of going blonde is by how dramatic the transformation is. If it's a big change, the cost of the service(s) is much likely to be higher. 

If you have box dye in your hair or your hair is naturally very dark, you will require multiple sessions to get dramatic results. That's not to say that you won't see a change in one session though! Your stylist can get a good idea of how much they can achieve in one session by doing a 'strand test'. This is where they do a test on a small piece of hair to see how it lifts. We charge $25 for this, but it is deducted off the cost of your service if you decide to book in.  

Book in for a colour consultation today by clicking here. We can walk you through the entire process and help you make all your hair dreams come true!

**Colour services in images above performed by Ivette

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