EVO Fab Pro Colour Conditioner


Fab Pro gives us the power to perfectly match and maintain your hair colour, in-between salon visits with a customised colour maintenance conditioner.

Pricing includes the custom colour.

**Please send us a photo of your hair in natural light to hello@qali.com for us to make your custom blend!


Apply to dry or towel dried, damp hair. We recommend wearing gloves for dark colours. Apply to sections of hair and leave on for 3 minutes.


Will Fab Pro cover grey hair and regrowth?

The uptake of colour pigment depends on hair type, condition and shade. It may help to blend grey hair and regrowth, but it will not provide full coverage.

How long will Fab Pro last? How many washes?

The lasting ability of Fab Pro is dependent on hair porosity, type, condition and environmental factors. Typically they last 8 washes.

Will Fab Pro colour maintenance conditioner pigment build up in the hair?

Generally, the colour won’t get any darker or more intense than it is after the first few applications, however, this depends on hair porosity, type and condition. Only so much colour can be deposited into the hair fibre before it reaches saturation point.
Fab Pro direct dye will leach out between applications.

What happens if fab pro colour maintenance conditioner is left on the hair for longer than the recommended time?

Fab Pro colour maintenance conditioner only penetrates for the recommended application time of 3 minutes. A longer application time does not provide a better result.

How often should fab pro colour maintenance conditioner be used?

Fab Pro colour maintenance conditioner should be used at least once a week to maintain colour pigment level and keep hair in optimum condition.
Recommended for all hair types, especially coloured hair.
vegan / cruelty free / made without sulfates, parabens or gluten.