Design.ME Curl Enhancer Spray Mist


Get a frizz-free, defined curl or wave whenever you want it. Prevent breakage, strengthen follicles and promote healthy hair growth. Can be used on wash day or any day in-between!

Each INFINITEMIST system is available in a mist spray bottle & refill carton. Refill your spray bottle to help make a positive impact on the environment. 

Eco-fact: Each carton box is made of 70% renewable materials and 50% of renewable energy. Also our cartons are made using a SBS virgin fiber paperboard and the mills are FSC certified. This means for each sheet of paperboard printed, 3 trees will be planted.


Mist evenly throughout damp hair, from roots to ends before blow drying. On dry hair, let it absorb until it's dry to the touch prior to heat styling.

Once your INFINITEMIST spray bottle is empty, purchase a Refill Carton and re-use your spray bottle.