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Welcome to the Curl Club - Curls 101

Welcome to the Curl Club - Curls 101

We are so excited to launch The QALI Curl Club [details below]! We love seeing natural texture being embraced. After the lockdown so many of us took a break from our usual hair routines and maybe discovered something new about their hair (hello curl pattern!) From a slight wave to 4c tight coils, cutting and styling curly hair is basically its own art form. With the right cut and education, you can go from struggling with your textured hair to feeling like it's your greatest asset. We want to take all of our clients on this journey and Veida is the stylist to guide the way!

In this 3 part series, Veida is going to walk us through washing, drying and styling curly hair. She will also share her fave products and some tips and tricks to get you on the path of LOVING your curls.

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CURLY HAIR 101 - WASH DAY - by Veida

As any curly haired person can agree, wash day is a big deal - for me, it involves a deep cleanse, hair mask and face mask while I'm at it. 

Let's start with my wash day products:

Deep Cleanse Product: Springs Clean by Evo Hair

[$34 at]

This sulphate free, vegan deep cleanser by Evo Hair has a nozzle tip that makes getting to the scalp so much easier. 

Secondary Wash: The Therapist Shampoo by Evo Hair

[$34 at]

Curly hair needs lots of moisture so you'll want to choose a hydrating shampoo for washing. The Therapist by Evo Hair is super hydrating without being heavy, and it smells amazing

Hair Mask: The Great Hydrator by Evo Hair

[$34 at]

To finish off your wash day line up, a deep conditioning mask will add back the much needed moisture to keep your curls moisturized and healthy. The Great Hydrator is 85% moisture and 15% protein, which will help strengthen your hair without making it brittle (over using repair or proteinated products can make your hair brittle, which is the opposite of what we want!). 

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Wash day scheduled are different for everyone and it will take time and some trial & error to find *your* ideal wash schedule. Personally, I deep cleanse every 10 days with a co-wash (conditioner-based washing) after 5 days. That being said, I wet reset my hair most days but we’ll get a little more into that in another post! For washing your curls, it’s important to avoid any products with (examples). Keep in mind that if you’re switching to new products it might take a few weeks for your hair to adjust - don’t worry if you don’t see results right away!

Step 1: Brush & detangle

Before you get in the shower you’ll want to brush out your hair. Use a detangling spray (Iike Happy Campers by Evo Hair) and a Tangle Teaser brush. Work in sections from the tip to the root and take your time - aggressive brushing can cause breakage and damage. Detangling wet hair can also cause damage, as the hair is more fragile when wet, so you’ll want to make sure you do this step when your hair is dry.

Step 2: Wet Your Hair & Deep Clean

Get your hair wet and section your hair so you can get right to the scalp. Using the nozzle tip of Springsclean, apply it directly to the scalp in sections and massage it in. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse. 

Step 3: Secondary Wash

After rinsing out your deep cleanser, apply your secondary shampoo (The Therapist) to your scalp and hair, lather and rinse.

Step 4: Hair Mask

Squeeze excess water from your hair. Apply your hair mask (The Great Hydrator) on the mids and ends, detangling with your fingers. Leave it on for a minimum of 10 mins - put on a face mask, shave your legs, exfoliate from head to toe, and then rinse. 

That wraps up the “wash” portion of wash day - up next we’ll go over prepping & drying the hair and then finish with styling. 


Back of a woman's head with perfect curls

QALI Curl Club Services

I’m now offering curl-centric services that allow for some extra time to show your hair the love it deserves! These can be booked online under “Cuts”

Curly Crash Course - $100

For first time clients, this is a way to have a thorough consultation & assessment of your hair in addition to your cut. Chat about your concerns, what you're hoping to achieve long term and get some styling tips & tricks. Cuts include a wash & style using curl-based products as well as a 15% discount on recommended products and curl product sample.

[$65 for short hair (above the ear)]

Keeping Up The Curls - $65

For those maintenance/refresher cuts after you've taken the crash course.

[$50 for short hair (above the ear)]

Something New - $80

If you're ready for a big change we'll take some extra time switching up your look and discussing any new styling techniques & maintenance it might require

As always, my DMs are always open at

xo Veida


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