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From Black to Boho | A Colour Journey vol. 1

From Black to Boho | A Colour Journey vol. 1


I'm that client, the one all hairdressers dread. My hair is naturally dark brown, I went blonde 2 years ago, proceeded to go back to brown and now my hair is jet black. Guess what - I want to go light again. I'm a nightmare. Did I mention that I used some box dye in there too? Let's not talk about that. 

The Kardashians have led us to believe that with new hair colour technology, black to blonde is possible in one day. We are here to tell you that, sadly, without extreme damage, it ain't that easy. To help clients (and myself) better understand the process to safely lighten hair, we are going to document my entire journey. We will share the products used, processes required and the costs associated with each stage. 


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I had a half head of our semi permanent extensions so the first step was to remove my extensions so we could focus on transitioning my natural hair. When working with extensions we always want to get your hair to the desired colour first, then we match your fresh locks to your new extensions. To get the final look we will be using extensions in the shade Boho to make my hair appear lighter than it is. Extensions are a great way to make a huge change without compromising your natural hair.


Fun fact (and a good PSA for anyone with coloured hair) - anti-dandruff shampoo strips hair colour! Before we start chemically lightening my natural hair, I'll use classic Head & Shoulders 2-3 times per week to lift the colour. I'll follow each shampoo with Olaplex conditioner and an EVO deep conditioning treatment to avoid drying my hair out in the process. This will go on for at least 2 weeks or until we see a decent shift in the colour of my hair. 


My next blog post will cover the lightening process and the chemical services we'll use to kick it all off. In each stage we will break down the services used and the total cost to date. Here's where we are so far:


Extension Removal - Free
Head & Shoulders Mini - $2.50
Olaplex Conditioner - $36
EVO Deep Conditioner - $34

TOTAL $72.50

All colour corrections are unique and won't always be approached with the same methods. If you need a colour correction, book in for a free consultation so we can determine what's required to achieve your dream hair!

See you next week!

xo Janelle

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