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Everything You Need to Know About Extensions

Everything You Need to Know About Extensions

We’ve all been there - smiling and nodding while someone excitedly tells you about something you know NOTHING about (but you pretend to know cuz it’s rude not to!)

Yes, extensions have been around for a while, but not everyone knows exactly what they are or how they work. There is actually a lot to them, but here we will just cover the basics to get you acquainted. 


There are basically 2 families - temporary (clip ins) and semi permanent. Within the semi permanent family there are countless methods of attachment. To simplify it: some use adhesives to attach the extensions to your hair, and others are adhesive-free. At the end of the day the method you choose depends on your hair type, hair health, lifestyle, desired look and budget.

These are the most popular types of semi permanent extensions:

  • Tape ins
  • Keratin fusion
  • Micro bead
  • Braided sew in weft

Each method has its pros and cons. There are plenty of resources online where you can learn more about each one! 

At QALI we chose to simplify things and only offer one method (micro weft), which is a gentle method that we are truly passionate about. In our opinion, glue and hair aren't really friends, so our method is free from any adhesives and the application is pretty quick! The speed of application cuts down on the cost of the service and allows you to pop in for quick maintenance appointments and carry on with your day. Maintenance appointments take between 30 - 60 mins depending on how much hair you have - since there are no adhesives we don't need to wash and dry your hair which cuts down on appointment time and cost. Some other methods can take up to 4 hours for maintenance appointments and require multiple washes.

QALI Vancouver Best Hair Extensions 


This is a biggie - you can have the best attachment method in the world but if the hair is poor quality, your extensions won't survive daily styling and exposure to the elements. What we mean by 'won't survive' is that the hair extensions may break, tangle, lose lustre and look frazzled much more quickly than high quality hair would.

So what's the difference between high quality hair and poor quality? High quality hair extensions are human hair with the 'cuticle intact.' To take it back a step - human hair strands have an outer layer called the cuticle. The cuticle is made up of dead cells that almost look like roof shingles - they all lay in the same direction. High quality hair extensions keep all the strands in the same, natural direction (think cutting the hair off in a ponytail and keeping it all together at the top) in the manufacturing process. Poor quality hair is mixed together during manufacturing and the strands may have cuticles running in different directions. This means that those little shingles might be rubbing against each other in the opposite direction which = crazy knotting and tangles. 

To combat this, some manufactures chemically remove the cuticle layer of the strands. This extra step in processing actually compromises the structural integrity of the hair. It makes the hair more porous meaning it can break off more quickly and won't withstand daily styling for a prolonged period of time. 

Some hair manufacturers also excessively coat poor quality hair in silicone and other smoothing agents to make it feel nice when its brand new. These coatings are deceiving and, once worn off, you'll find the hair is dull and mats easily. 

This is where we arrive at 'remy' hair. Remy hair is cuticle intact, 100% human hair. It is the highest quality hair and it's the hair we use at QALI! We have our own QALI brand of hair which is the only type of hair we use with our micro-weft method.


For some, extensions are amazing and can literally be life changing. For others, they can be time consuming to maintain, style and may be more of a hassle than a luxury.  We always want to make sure extensions are an appropriate fit for your lifestyle and natural hair. We do not recommend semi-permanent extensions to individuals who:

  • Swim daily
  • Do very sweaty workouts daily
  • Have very curly hair
  • Prefer not to style their hair
  • Do not want an ongoing maintenance cost
  • Do not want to invest in professional haircare products
  • Have certain medical conditions involving the scalp or hair thinning

We want our extensions to enhance your confidence and improve your overall well-bring, so we make sure our consultation process is thorough and honest. We know they aren't for everyone, but we also know that they have the ability to positively impact how you feel about yourself! At QALI we just want you to shine as YOU. Every. Single. Time! 

If you have more questions about extensions feel free to email or book a consult online at

xo Janelle 


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