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5 Reasons Your Curls Fall Flat

5 Reasons Your Curls Fall Flat

Have you ever spent an hour curling your hair, creating the most beautiful beach waves you’ve ever seen, only for your hair to be completely straight in 5 minutes? If this is a recurring Saturday night struggle, read on to find the top 5 mistakes we make while styling our hair.

1 | Fully Dry Your Hair

Your hair needs to be 100% dry before you start styling. If you see plumes of steam coming from your hair, put the styling tool down! Steam is moisture escaping from the hair and lack of moisture will make your hair dry and brittle. Hair is heavier when wet, and I promise you a curling iron won’t fully dry it. The heavier your hair is (from water or product), the quicker your curl will fall.
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2 | Leave a Little Dirt

Curls love a little grit. Right after washing and conditioning (or if you just have beautiful healthy hair), the strands will be too soft and slippery. A little dry shampoo or texture spray should do the trick.
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3 | Use The Right products

Applying too much product or using the wrong ones for your hair type can quickly make your hair feel heavy and appear greasy. As much as curls don’t like heavy hair, they also don’t like hair without the support of product. If you feel a slight resistance while running your hands through your hair you’ve used the right amount of the right things. Depending on the thickness and health of your hair you might need a few different products, or you might be lucky enough to get away with hairspray.
TIP - Buy travel sized products to test out new things. Your hair will tell you what it likes!

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4 | Let That curl Cool, Girl

Your hair will set into position as it cools. Move the curl while it’s still hot to achieve the look you’re going for. Want beach waves? Stretch the curl down and hold until cool. Big bouncy curls? Scrunch the curl up and hold. Volume? Pop a couple velcro rollers in the top 80’s style!
TIP - Give your curl a quick spray in this position once it’s done cooling

5 | Hands Off!

You might as well brush your hair every 5 minutes if you’re constantly touching and playing with your hair. Spoiler alert - the more you touch, the more you relax your hard earned curls. If they’re looking a little tight or more voluminous than you were hoping for, follow the tips above and manipulate the curl into position as it cools. Still not working? Your curls will naturally drop over time. Embrace the spirals, your curls will last all night!
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